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Jamie Banks is a high school teacher, poet, choir geek and linguaphile from Brooklyn, NY. He served as co-president of Speak Out Loud, Harvard's spoken word poetry group, and coached their 2014 CUPSI team, who received an award for "Pushing the Art Forward". He is thrilled to be teaching in settings where he can integrate arts and mental health advocacy with academics.

Coping Strategies and Mindfulness

Along with my research this summer I’ve been doing some meta-research: being careful to keep close track of my mental states, the better to remember and internalize ways of working through the most frustrating and draining parts of doing research. … Continue reading

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I’m enjoying the fact that the primary purpose of this summer for me is to work on math–that at this stage in my education and mathematical life, I don’t have to worry so much about what comes of that work. … Continue reading

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Phase I

So, everyone in my group has met with our professor several times, and we’ve all nominally started working on our problems–figuring out what we want to figure out about them, making conjectures and figuring out they are false after several … Continue reading

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Hello to anyone who might be reading this! This is (er, hopefully will be) a blog about my experience doing math research at Eastern Tennessee State University this summer. This blog is part of a WISE Words project to document … Continue reading

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